Application for the 2021 Safe Employer Award

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How did you find out about the Safe Employer Award?

Why apply?
Marketing. As the winner, your company will be featured in WorkSafe Saskatchewan and/or WCB promotional ads. You can also include the award in your own promotional and recruiting campaigns.

Staff Morale. Show appreciation to your workers for their input and commitment to health and safety in your workplace.

Set Benchmarks. Improve your bottom line through effective injury prevention. Safety pays… by preventing unnecessary losses associated with injuries and incidents. Evaluate where you have been, where you are today, and the role health and safety will play in the future of your company.

Who can apply?
All Saskatchewan businesses, unions, municipalities, schools, service organizations, and non-profit organizations with a valid Saskatchewan WCB firm number are eligible to apply.

Applicants must be free of compliance disputes concerning all safety related codes, acts and regulations.

Submit your application
Complete this form, answering each of the applicable questions according to the guidelines given below.

All applications must be received at the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board by October 31, 2020.

Questions? Please call 306.933.7076 or email

Award Selection
A review committee composed of representatives from each of the partner organizations will evaluate the applications.


1. In the last five years, has your organization been prosecuted or convicted under occupational health and safety and/or Criminal Code legislation? *

2. In the last five years, has your organization incurred a workplace fatality? *

3. Does your organization have a health and safety policy signed and dated by senior leadership? This policy should include: *
- Roles and responsibilities for the employer, employees, supervisors, contractors, and visitors.
- Health and safety goals and objectives.

4. Does your organization have hazard identification processes for identifying and mitigating actual and potential risks? These processes should outline hazard identification, assessment, control, communication and assigned responsibilities. *

5. Does your organization have inspection processes? These processes should outline training, inspection schedules (formal and informal), required documentation, management of corrective actions and assigned responsibilities. *

6. Does your organization have investigation processes for accidents, dangerous occurrences and work refusals as defined under Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety legislation? These processes should outline when and why investigations are performed, worker involvement, management of corrective actions and assigned responsibilities. *

7. Does your organization have processes for effectively communicating safety messages and ensuring employees are trained to work safely? These processes should outline new worker orientation, management of training records, safety meetings and accessibility to safety information (e.g., OHS legislation, safe work practices and procedures, safety data sheets, etc.). *

8. Does your organization have emergency response processes? These processes should outline site specific training, equipment and assigned responsibilities in the event of an emergency (e.g., fire, first aid, chemical spill, or severe weather). *

9. Does your organization regularly measure and report on how it manages health and safety in accordance with a recognized standard (e.g., a safety association audit)? *

10. Please indicate the approximate number of employees your organization presently has working in Saskatchewan: *


In 1000 words or less (approximately two pages), explain how your organization goes above and beyond minimum safety compliance in your industry in order to be innovative and fully engaging as leaders in occupational health and safety? For example, you may describe:
  • The diligence of your organization’s orientation and training processes, or
  • An original safety incentive program.

Supporting documentation, such as safe work practices and procedures, may be attached. However, the combined total pages of the attachments must not exceed five pages. Applications over this limit will not be reviewed by the Safe Employer Award committee.

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